About Conservatorium Haarlem

Conservatorium Haarlem is a leading music institution that focuses on developing your own sound and identity. The academy was founded in the 1970’s in the vibrant Dutch city of Haarlem, which lies to the east of Amsterdam and is renowned for its rich and varied cultural scene.

Since 2010, Conservatorium Haarlem has been located within the modern campus of Inholland University of Applied Science. It was one of the first conservatories in the Netherlands to introduce academic courses in pop music and remains the first and only institute to offer a specific educational programme for electronic music. In addition to the new Associate Degree Electronic Music, Conservatorium Haarlem currently offers three educational curricula: Pop, E-music and Creative Artist.

The Conservatorium Haarlem has at its disposal three professional digital audio recording studios, a large number of well-equipped band practice rooms, study booths and private rehearsal rooms, a state-of-the-art Mac classroom and a large communal lounge perfect for socialising or sharing music with fellow peers.

In addition to the weekly classes, you will regularly visit renowned studios, trade fairs, festivals and industry events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS).

You will participate in (international) writers camps and follow interesting masterclasses and workshops from professionals in the industry specific to your music direction.

As a whole the conservatory student intake is relatively small which conveniently allows for peers from other genres to interact and collaborate with each other. For instance the E-Music and Pop course even share in the same theory subjects such as harmony, music history, ear training, transcriptions and rhythm & timing which are identical to both programs, so you get a broad musical basis.

Read more on other directions:

Bachelor Pop (BA)

The Pop direction trains you to become a professional pop musician. You can build a career with your own band and music and you can get started as a musician with renowned artists or bands (both live and in the studio). You can choose as a main subject from vocals, drums, bass guitar, guitar and keys.

Bachelor E-Music (BA)

The E-music direction trains you to become an electronic musician/producer. You focus on, among other things, making dance and other music productions in the studio, performing live as an artist/DJ, but also making music for games, films, TV and commercials.

You will learn to work in professional studios with the most diverse hardware and software programs such as Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton.

Bachelor Creative Artist (BA)

Three elements are central to the Creative Artist study: creating, producing and communicating.

Discovery and development are central to creation. The creative artist is able to devise and develop concepts for the benefit of his/her musicianship.